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Despite falling hard in the post-2008 recession, property prices in Glasgow are on the rise. By 2018 house prices in Scotland are expected to increase by 18%, according to a study commissioned by The average property in Glasgow is on the market at around £125,000, with detached houses fetching over £233,000 and flats averaging at around £100,000.

Glasgow represents one of the most affordable housing markets in Scotland, and prices are typically half that found in more affluent cities such as Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

Due to the stagnant housing market, properties can often be listed for sale for years before the owners receive an offer. Homeowners in Glasgow are desperate to sell quickly, perhaps due to a job relocation, family commitment or a lifestyle change. Being stuck with a property can be stressful and difficult to deal with, but luckily there are options available to make the process easier.

How To Sell Your House Quickly

Those with property to shift in Glasgow may turn to Google for answers. A quick search for "sell my house fast Glasgow" will provide a slew of websites all promising to provide quick house sales to cash buyers. The important thing to remember is that a fast sale does not necessarily equate to a financially viable sale. For example, you could sell your house tomorrow to anyone if you listed it for £100. A balance needs to be achieved between the speed of your sale and the amount of cash you receive as a result. Of course the old adage "time is money" is also applicable, and a lengthy sale may end up costing you more in mortgage payments and estate agent fees.

The Key To A Fast House Sale

To sell your house quickly in Glasgow or anywhere else in Scotland, you must first be committed to selling. That means erasing your personal attachment to the home and making an effort to de-clutter and remove your knickknacks before potential buyers arrive for a viewing. Being stubborn and overly sentimental about what you hope will soon be your former house will not help with a fast sale.

With the Glasgow market being tough, you will need to think outside the box when it comes to competing with the other houses listed for sale. Make the most of the best features of your home, be it a fireplace or new oven, show it off as much as possible. Take the time to neaten up loose ends and make those last-minute pesky repairs, such as painting over wall scuffs or removing limescale from taps.

Can I Really Sell My Glasgow House In 1 Week?

Many agents and specialised property companies make claims to be able to sell you house in 1 week, 10 days or just a few weeks. As a Glasgow homeowner looking to sell fast, you may have come across such an offer. Is it too good to be true or does it provide a much-needed solution to your house problem? Let's dispel one myth: there are always cash buyers looking for properties. Even in a recession or a time of economic hardship, the amount of money in circulation is finite and while you may have suffered a loss, others will have gained. Wealthy investors are always around and searching for sound places to put there money, with the end goal being the accumulation of more wealth. Property acquisition is particularly attractive for investors as markets tend to rise quicker than other assets typically do and by renovating or renting properties, long-term profits can be huge. That said, investors are also on the lookout for a good deal. As a cash buyer in Glasgow, there will be a lot of houses available and thus many opportunities for investment. Quick house sale vendors make it their business to direct the intention of cash buyers to your home. How do they get the attention of investors? By offering low purchase costs. You will receive an offer on your home that is typically between 60 and 80% of its current market value. The investor gets a bargain property, the agent gets commission on the sale and you, as the Glasgow homeowner, get a quick house sale. If speed is your ultimate goal then a service such as this will prove very profitable. If, however, you need to recover more equity from your house sale, it may be best to hold out for a higher offer.

One additional benefit that comes from selling your house quickly is that cash buyers are not looking for your home to be in perfect condition. Property damage, either minor or major, will dissuade many buyers from making an offer, but quick sale agents, because of the low price, can sell your home regardless of its condition. If you have a Glasgow home in a state of disrepair and cannot afford to pay for renovation costs, you may benefit greatly from a quick house sale.

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