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It seems like everyone these days is trying open their own real estate buying related company.  Spurned by TV shows that make it look easy these hack companies do not know the first thing about property values never mind the proper way to treat a customer.  At House Buyers our team of professionals has over 10 years of home valuation experience.  Unlike the others we know house values in your area and provide you with top notch support as you go through the home selling process.  When you work with House Buyers you will notice ways we just plain and simple make things easier for our clients in a lot of different ways.

We Make It Convenient

Check out our website on there you will see an overview of the services we provide and any other information you need about our company.  We try and be as transparent as possible on our website so you know the type of company you will be working with from day one.  On our website you will also notice our free house valuation tools.  This feature will make the home valuation process a breeze and will result in us getting the information you need much faster than our competitors.  Would you rather talk to a live person?  We understand that some people would rather which is why we are available by phone as well at 01904 557600 hours a day.

Cost?  What Cost?

If you are even thinking of working with a company that is going to charge you for a house valuation to determine your property values we recommend ceasing contact with them.  Odds are they are not reputable.  Most companies offer at least a free initial consultation in the form of a free house valuation.  Where we stand alone is the fact that you never pay us a dime for any services we provide you. We also buy and sell homes.  So for example when someone sells us their home we pay any costs associated with the closing fees as well at attorney fees.  Most of our clients who are savvy enough in the area of real estate understand how big of an advantage this is.  Heck, even people new to the process understand the concept of free.  Free is a wonderful thing, don’t you agree?

10 Years of Experience

We cannot even begin to tell you the advantage we have been to our customers on so many levels given our 10 plus years of experience in determining house values and buying houses.  If you are in a certain situation we most likely have dealt with at least one client who was in a similar one.  Our methods are tried and true not something we are learning on the fly.  We treat your free house valuation and any other services we provide you with while always maintaining our professionalism and respect.  A lot of companies say this, but we do it and have hundreds of satisfied customers as proof.

Are you ready to take that next step?  Even if you are not let us show you how when you are looking for quality real estate professionals House Buyers is the company you will want to partner with.

We have helped hundreds of homeowners sell, you could be next!

Contact us today on 01904 557600 for a free initial consultation and to discuss your home sale and our services.


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